It is the saddest day when one wakes up and realizes that the government who is supposed to protect you and be by the people for the people is actually attacking citizens all around the world. Our government has two mouths. Out of one they talk of human rights and pretend that they are innocent and all good. Out of the other one, the truth pours: They are consistently going against human rights and are all bad. And if the world wakes up to this fact about the United States, they and their allies will only clamp down harder as we are already seeing with the protests. But we are right and they are wrong. Tyranny can not hold on forever. The people want to be free. They want to be free of the United States because it only brings oppression and control. That is what it believes in. Not freedom. Not any real kind of freedom anyhow. They are afraid to change. They are afraid to admit that they are wrong. They are afraid to save the world from themselves. There are currently thousands if not millions or more citizens that are being experimented on with mind control/altering technologies. Why do you think this is? Why experiment with them unless they want the right to use them on anyone and everyone they choose? Ask yourself if this sounds like freedom? The technologies they are developing will never amount to freedom. No freedom of thought, no freedom of choice, no freedom period. They see this as some form of crowd/population control.

Maybe they should learn how to run a free democracy first before they go preaching these words to the world as if they already know how to do it. Currently, they are only willing to help other countries become police states. So from police states to more high-tech police states they will go if we don’t all wake up in time.